SPECIAL ELECTION ALERT: VOTE LUIS LaROTTA for State Rep HD 148 on November 5th!



We're so honored and proud to have received the endorsements from so many Elected Officials, Political Organizations, Precinct Chairs, SRECs, and supporters everywhere. We're making a strong push to VICTORY and the momentum is incredible.

Thank you for your support of our campaign.

Former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul


Few people in the history of our great nation have consistently defended our Constitution amidst numerous media attacks, or repeatedly won their congressional district year after year. From market cycles to monetary policy, Dr. Ron Paul remains strong as an inspiration and beacon of liberty. I'm thankful to have former Congressman and Presidential candidate, Dr. Ron Paul's support in this race. 

U.S. Congressman Dan Crenshaw


 Very few politicians have gone the lengths to serve their country as fellow Navy veteran and our newly elected Congressman Dan Crenshaw, even after being elected, he still finds ways to serve the most impressionable minds in America. Dan and I share the belief that for our country to regain her constitutional bearings, we must start by engaging and educating our younger generations. I'm honored to have earned Congressman Dan Crenshaw's support for HD 148 State Representative! 



Thank you, Harris County Republican Party, for your endorsement of my campaign.

Texas Young Republicans


I am very honored to have received this endorsement. Thank you.

Log Cabin Republicans


You have been so supportive of my campaign from the beginning. Thank you.



 Thank you, Houston's Premier Business Coalition, for endorsing my campaign. 

Spring Branch Republicans


Thank you, Spring Branch Republicans, for this honor.

Texas Latino GOP PAC


 Thank you for your endorsement and support of the Latino GOP community. 

House District 148

 Rolando Garcia, Senate District 15 Chairman

Kristy Bridges, Senate District 13 Chairwoman

Gail Stanart, SREC Senate District 15

Roy Morales, SREC Senate District 13

Robert Kenney, Precinct Chair 5

Bob Hall, Precinct Chair 43

Fausto Nolasco, Precinct Chair 44

Doug Markham, Precinct Chair 54

Tyler Corder, Precinct Chair 57

Harry Morse, Precinct Chair 58

Deann Irby, Precinct Chair 75

Britt Thedinger, Precinct Chair 166

Arnold Morell, Precinct Chair 446

Larry Harris, Precinct Chair 179

Harris County Precinct Chairs & Elected Officials

 Charlotte Lampe, Precinct 828

James C. Rains, Precinct Chair 38

Adelle Flores, Precinct Chair 785

Joe Pelati, Precinct Chair 70

Fairalee Carrier, Precinct Chair 136

Marco Roberts, Precinct Chair 154

Elizabeth Ingersol, Precinct Chair 262

Jonathan Hansen, Precinct Chair 293

David Gratvol, Precinct Chair 304

Jeffrey Larson, Precinct Chair 349

Douglas Barmore, Precinct Chair 522

Martha Fierro, Precinct Chair 72

Carl Jarvis, Precinct Chair 60

Hank Dugie, League City Councilman Position 2

Tanya Robertson, SREC SD 11

Mark Ramsey, SREC SD 7

Terri Leo, SREC SD 7

Chris McDonald, SREC SD